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Agronic 25 years Anniversary Magazine

The story of Agronic from beginning till this day.  Please click the Link to the magazine

Agronic now has a presence on the Norwegian market

Please follow the link for importer and product info: Ara Maskin AS

Agronic Xs- A Single Axle Slurry Tanker

A single-axle slurry tanker with crab steering? Not possible! Indeed it is. This new series of tankers incoporates the experience gained by Agronic in the years of construction of larger slurry tankers. Many of the features and technologies used have been incoporated in to tanker designed for operation on smaller farms.

The light and agile XS tankers feature a quality ADR-axle equipped for crab-steering, positioned towards the rear of tanker to provide support for the weight of the tanker and the spreading ramp.

The XS tankers are designed as top-fill models as standard, but are fully capable of being fitted with pumping arms. Drive for slurry bilge pump is by hydraulic, and a variety of application systems is possible.

Spreading ramps, such as the reliable disc ramp, or trailing shoe, are available as options.

Only the highest-quality Finnish steel, durable paint for protection against corrosion, and top brand tires are used.

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