Agronic Oy

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Agronic Oy is a Finnish manufacturer of agricultural machinery. We develop and manufacture high-quality products that have been designed to withstand the demanding northern conditions.
Our key products include bale wrappers and slurry tankers, which are custom-fitted according to our customers’ needs.

Our company was founded in 1993, and since then we have established a strong position both in domestic and export markets. Our operations are rooted in an economically stable basis, and our credit rating is AAA, the highest possible.

Approximately 50 per cent of our products are exported abroad.

Our dedicated retailers provide service to the end-users, and in Finland, our retailer is the Hankkija chain.

Advanced solutions

Our products are famous for their dependability and innovative qualities. When developing our products, we pay constant attention to our customers’ needs.

As we control the entire production process from product development to manufacturing, we are able to make country-specific changes to our products.

The sturdy structure of our products conceals a wide variety of advanced electronics, the reliability of which is a top priority to us.

The design, programming and manufacturing of the electronics is the responsibility of our subsidiary, Prodevice Oy, whose expertise is also relied on by many other manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

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